Mark Levin: I Guess the Filibuster and the Government Shutdown Didn’t Hurt the Elections (Video)

And the Race for 2016 Is Off and Running With Dr. Ben Carson Intro Video

Well, it didn’t take long for the 2016 race to get started.  Dr. Ben Carson is hosting an introduction video in 22 states and DC.

You can safely assume this is his first move for the […]

Behold the Intellectual Depth of the Average Socialist

Found this on Reddit.  It’s a stunning display of how the left is more emotional than intellectual:

Fact: Communism killed 94 million people in the 20th Century.  Many of them were starved them to death:
During the century measured, more people […]

Commentary On Liberal Black Leadership (Video)

Freedom Socialist Party Wants $20/Hour Minimum Wage, Offers $13/Hour Job for Web Designer to Promote It

Seattle’s Freedom Socialist Party has a pretty epic platform. They want full employment, because we all know the government can do that.

They’re called slave labor camps. Really big in the Soviet […]

Single Is The New Black: Patiently Waiting

*This is a guest post by Cullen Williams*

The world is ever-changing. In fact, one doesn’t even have to look far to realize these are different times in which we all live. In regards to the […]

Like with AIDS, Dedication to Political Correctness Will Only Make Ebola Worse

Progressivism is simple. Take all the failed policies of the past, ignore their horrifying repercussions, rinse, repeat.

Look at how the Ebola outbreak is being handled by the Obama Administration.

Despite Thomas Duncan flying […]

Single Is The New Black: Over 30 and Underwhelmed

*This is a guest post by Ruth Vine.

The conservative movement is supposed to be about each American living their own American Dream on their own terms (within the Constitution and laws). It’s an appealing way […]

Grimes Insider: “She’s going to have to do what she has to do to get elected and then she’s going to f*** them.” (Video)

Behold, the Democratic candidate for Senate from the state of Kentucky.

Single Is The New Black: Statistically Doomed

I have been single for that last two years. Before that I was single for nearly a year. Before that… well let’s just say there is a pattern.

Make no mistake, I’m not defined by who […]