Which Scares You More: The Government or Terrorists?

Patterico asked his readers a great question yesterday:

I was listening to one of my favorite voices on the economy, Peter Schiff, when he made a comment about the latest revelations by Edward Snowden, whom he considers a hero. Schiff said that he is more scared of the government’s powers than he is of anything the terrorists might do to him.

It got me thinking: a big part of the way people view the actions of a guy like Snowden has to do with this fundamental question: which concerns you more? The government’s far-reaching surveillance abilities combined with its power to investigate, harass, incarcerate, and perhaps even kill (at least by seeking the death penalty) its citizens? Or the terrorists, who may not always be in the forefront of our minds, but whose top aim is to kill us all, and would be thrilled to do so with a nuclear weapon if they could?

In short, which frightens you more: the government, or the terrorists?

Stop now and answer the poll.

Seriously.  Go over there and answer the poll. 

Then come back here.

I answered government, and for why, I’ll go way back to June 29, 2008 and my article, “What is the #1 Threat to America?

What is the chief threat to the American way of life? What is there that could possibly destroy over 200 years of history, could change the mindset of the American, could bring the strongest country in the world to its knees?

Is it Islamic terrorism? There are so many groups out there now, killing in the name of Islam. Chief among them is Al-Qaeda, who has succeeded in attacking the United States on many different occasions. Aside from Al-Qaeda, there is HamasHezbollah and others almost too numerous to mention. Are these organizations the number one threat to America?

On their best day, they have killed thousands, only to unify the country against them. If they ever acquired a nuclear weapon, I do not doubt they would use it. They would happily destroy any major United States city in one fell blow. But that would not destroy America.

Every time they hit us, we hit them back, harder than they expected. And while they can kill thousands of our countrymen, they cannot kill our country. Islamic terrorism is a grave threat that needs addressed, but it is not the number one threat to America.

Is it China? The giant country is growing in military power and has so many spies working against the United States, some have claim it to be the biggest threat to America. But in a toe-to-toe, knock down drag out fight, the United States could soundly defeat China.

The left would have us believe that global warming is the issue of our generation. They have one doomsday scenario after another, describing the effects of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We are told that alreadythe world’s most important crops are suffering because of the increased heat, and if we don’t stop belching tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the glaciers will melt and our coastlines will flood. Yet those who preach the life of sacrifice for Mother Earth live in ways that consume more energy than you and I do in years, and are making millions off of the greatest scam in history.

There are other threats brought up each day. The bird flu is going to kill us any day now, and SARS is without a doubt going to cause world wide chaos. Blowhard Hugo Chavez is clamoring about cutting off our oil supply from Venezuela and for some reason Russia keeps sending bombers over our air craft carriers. By themselves each is a threat, but they are not the biggest threat to America.

If it is none of the above, what is left?


It is through incrementalism that freedom can turn to tyranny.

Some say it already has.  I can agree with that.

The government tells you how much water your toilet can use.

How much miles your car must get to the gallon of gas.

What must be covered by your insurance company.

Government impacts your life every day.  Government uses force against you, every day.

When was the last time a terrorist looted your check or threatened your Second Amendment rights?

There Are More Americans on Food Stamps Than There Are People In Spain

Behold, the Obama Recovery:

As of March of this year, 47.7 million Americans are now on some form of food stamps. Between 2000 and 2012, the number of Americans resorting to food stamps increased more than 171%. In 2000, there were just 17.1 million Americans on food stamps. (Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture, June 7, 2013.)

There are more individuals on food stamps in the U.S. economy than the entire population of Spain—46.17 million. (Source: World Bank web site, last accessed June 21, 2013.)

That costs the government money.


Just figuring that out, are you?

Here’s some more good news:

Instead, the rich appear to be getting richer and the poor are facing more challenges, while the middle class is disintegrating. According to a Pew Research report, the bottom 93% of households in the U.S. economy witnessed their net worth drop by four percent between 2009 and 2011. The richest seven percent of U.S. households saw their wealth increase by 28% in the same period. (Source: Associated Press, April 23, 2013.)

The misery for the middle class doesn’t end here; the Census Bureau reported in the first-quarter that home ownership in the U.S. economy dropped to its lowest level in 18 years. Just 65% of Americans owned their homes in the first quarter, as compared to 65.4% in the same period a year ago. (Source:Bloomberg, April 30, 2013.)

I have said this before: economic growth occurs when a country’s citizens are able to find work to make money, spend, and save. But then the U.S. economy is still far from that.

When the Chairman of the Federal Reserve says they are thinking about maybe cutting back on the stimulus, and the market dives, you kind of know you’re dealing with a fake economic recovery.

What worries me is how much worse it’s going to get when the government stops trying to fix the free market, assuming they do.

Today’s Armed Homeowner Shooting an Armed Burglar Brought To You Buy Sun City, Arizona

An armed intruder broke into the wrong house and now, aside from being in custody, he’s got another hole in his body to deal with:

This started around 2 a.m. The couple living here was sound asleep when a man armed with a gun broke in.

The homeowner, Dave Sobley, is a military veteran and an MCSO posse lieutenant. Deputies say he grabbed his gun and shot the intruder, who then ran off.

“I was afraid for my life and my wife’s life. I knew if he got us together it may be over,” said Sobley.

“I was thinking about my husband. When the shot went off, I did not know who was shot. And my heart stopped, until I heard his voice,” said Audrey Sobley, Dave’s wife.

The suspect, later identified as 33-year-old Joshua Barnes, had been shot in the hand one time.

I’m sure he was just trying to disarm him. Right?


Attention Chicago Teachers Union – Charter Schools Help Poor Minority Students More Than Rich White People

Remember when the president of the Chicago Teacher’s Union blamed rich, white people on the fact that Chicago schools are horrible?

Well, what happens if you take a poor, black kid out of the educational industrial complex and put him in a charter school?


“The results reveal that the charter school sector is getting better on average and that charter schools are benefiting low-income, disadvantaged and special-education students,” CREDO Director Margaret Raymond said.


Now why would they be benefiting more than white students?

Because white students, by and large, go to better schools, so they’ve already been taught what they need to know.  Minority students go to terrible schools, so when they get to a decent school, they can start learning.

It’s like when you are driving a four-wheel drive truck through the mud.  There’s a lot of bouncing and slogging through, sometimes slowing to a crawl.  You start to wonder if you’re going to make it out.  But then, your front tires catch some solid ground and you’re head is snapped back as the truck lurches forward.

That’s what getting out of a government school and into a charter school has to be like.

Despite the facts showing poor minority students were best served by charter schools, the teacher’s union has to poo-poo reality:

American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten said the findings show that charter schools have failed to live up to “the leaps and bounds that were promised” in student performance.

“We should use the CREDO findings as an opportunity to pause and ask ourselves why we keep pitting charter schools against neighborhood public schools — a strategy that has created little more than a disruptive churn,” Weingarten said.

In other words, “Look, I know they are doing much better than in our union run day-prisons, but they promised a lot more than this, so let’s just pretend there’s no difference and get back to blaming white people.  Who’s with me?”

By the way, speaking of teacher’s unions, it’s important to remember that charter schools generally make due with smaller per student budgets than the average government school.  It’s not that rich, white people are taking all their money and pouring it into the schools.

Oh, and, speaking of Randi Weingarten:

Randi Weingarten, then the president of the United Federation of Teachers, opened the UFT Charter School in 2005 to pierce that argument. By posting higher scores, the school would “dispel the misguided and simplistic notion that the union contract is an impediment to success,” she said at the time.

The school got hefty grants from the Broad Foundation, space in two Department of Education school buildings, and a flood of applications from teachers and students alike.

But seven years into its existence, the nation’s first union-run school is one of the lowest-performing schools in the city. Fewer than a third of students are reading on grade level, and the math proficiency rate among eighth-graders is less than half the city average.

On the school’s most recent progress report, released last week, the Department of Education gave it a D and ranked it even lower than one of its co-located neighbors, J.H.S. 166, which the city tried to close last year and now has shortlisted again for possible closure.

Remember, the union is not there for the student.



The Unseen Damage Edward Snowden Has Created, And The Damage Yet to Come


I was just over at Flopping Aces reading a post on all the data and intel Edward Snowden my be toting around with him.

If it’s everything they say, it’s a staggering amount. Be sure to go over there and read it.

I had to stop for a second when I read about this:

What Snowden May Know About Human Ops

Beyond technical systems, U.S. officials are deeply concerned that Snowden used his sensitive position to read about U.S. human assets, for example spies and informants overseas as well as safe houses and key spying centers.

They worry this recent quote from Snowden was not an exaggeration: ” I had access to the full rosters of everyone working at the NSA, the entire intelligence community, and undercover assets all over the world. The locations of every station, we have what their missions are, and so forth.”

So it’s not just about what he took, but what he knows, officials emphasize. Officials describe Snowden as a walking treasure trove, a dream for foreign intelligence services. One intelligence official called Snowden and his cache an “entire U.S. government problem.”

Human assets are invaluable. Snowden could compromise people we have in very important counter-intelligence positions.

Even if he’s unwilling, if Russia really wanted to know about our spies in Moscow that they couldn’t get it out of him.

How many times would they have to ask him if it was safe before he cracked?

How many of our assets are now worthless to us? Not because of what Snowden has said, but because he has the potential of compromising them and they’ve already fled? Someone knows.

But even more damaging, how many future assets are forever lost because we can’t keep our intel secure? Lost because they know they can’t trust our intelligence community to keep a 30 year old contractor from stealing documents exposing them as a collaborator with America.

That, no one will ever know.

And that is the most damaging part of this whole fiasco.

While I support Snowden’s whistle-blowing on the wholesale collection of data on Americans, he’s crossed the line by damaging legitimate intelligence operations.

His actions have another incalculable number. The number of lives that will be lost because of intel we never received.

Those lives fall squarely on Snowden’s shoulders. Their blood is on his hands.

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The Complete Economic Ignorance of Think Progress Summed Up in The First Sentence

Three and a half million people of color would be lifted out of poverty if Congress raised the minimum wage to $10.10, according to a new report from the restaurant workers’ group ROC United.

-Think Progress



The logic here is, if we can just use force to compel employers to pay workers more, they will have more money to spend.  It assumes the only change that will occur will be the amount of money the employee makes.

It completely disregards the ripple effect of forcing businesses to decrease their bottom lines.

Raising the minimum wage impacts far more than the employees wallet.

For example, it:

Creates Unemployment.

Minimum wage laws mostly harm teenagers and young adults because they typically have little work experience and take jobs that require fewer skills. That’s why economists looking for the effect of the minimum wage on employment don’t look at data on educated 45-year-old men; rather, they focus on teenagers and young adults, especially black teenagers. Paul Samuelson, the first American winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, put it succinctly back in 1970. Analyzing a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $2 an hour in his famous textbook, Economics , he wrote, “What good does it do a black youth to know that an employer must pay him $2 an hour if the fact that he must be paid that amount is what keeps him from getting a job?”

This is where the stupid really starts to hurt.  The whole premise of the Think Progress article is that raising the minimum wage will lift people of color out of poverty.

It’s completely and provably false.  It’s a lie.

The minimum wage results in more people of color without jobs:


More, from Walter Williams:

During the peak of what has been dubbed the Great Recession, the unemployment rate for young adults (16 to 24 years of age) as a whole rose to above 27 percent. The unemployment rate for black young adults was almost 50 percent, but for young black males, it was 55 percent.

Even and Macpherson say that it would be easy to say this tragedy is an unfortunate byproduct of the recession, but if you said so, you’d be wrong. Their study demonstrates that increases in the minimum wage at both the state and federal level are partially to blame for the crisis in employment for minority young adults.

Why do young black males suffer unequal harm from minimum wage increases? Even and Macpherson say that they’re more likely to be employed in low-skilled jobs in eating and drinking establishments. These are businesses with narrow profit margins and are more adversely affected by increases in minimum wage increases. For 16-to-24-year-old men without a high school diploma, 25 percent of whites and 31 percent of blacks work at an eating and drinking establishment. Compounding the discriminatory burden of minimum wages, not discussed by the authors, are the significant educational achievement differences between blacks and whites.

The best way to sabotage chances for upward mobility of a youngster from a single-parent household, who resides in a violent slum and has attended poor-quality schools is to make it unprofitable for any employer to hire him. The way to accomplish that is to mandate an employer to pay such a person a wage that exceeds his skill level.

The fact is, minimum wage laws targeted blacks when they were first introduced in 1931. Not to raise them from poverty, but to keep them unemployed.

With the unemployment rate for black youth hitting 42 percent, I’d say mission accomplished.

For the economic wizards on the left, like those geniuses at Think Progress, it’s the very definition of insanity:


But when have liberals let a little thing like facts get in their way.

Howard Dean Might Run For President, Not a Repeat from 2003

Gov. Howard Dean may make another run for the White House.

Via Hot Air:

Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor who electrified anti-war liberals during the 2004 presidential race, said Thursday he would consider another run for the White House – a statement that will surely be met with mixed reaction in the Democratic Party.

Dean, whose underdog presidential campaign officially launched 10 years ago this weekend, said he has “mixed feelings” about running for office again but added he would consider another bid for the Democratic presidential nomination if he doesn’t think the other candidates are adequately addressing progressive issues that are dear to his heart.

“I am not driven by my own ambition,” Dean told CNN in an interview at the Netroots Nation conference, an annual gathering of left-leaning political activists. “What I am driven by is pushing the country in a direction that it desperately needs to be pushed; pushing other politicians who aren’t quite as frank as I am who need to be more candid with the American people about what needs to happen. I am not trying to hedge, it’s a hard job running. It’s really tough. I am doing a lot of things I really enjoy. But you should never say never in this business.”

I welcome him to the discussion. I want him front and center and I want someone with a camera-phone interviewing anyone in a “Dean 2016″ t-shirt.

Show this man to be the leftist that he is. Expose his supporters as the radicals they are.

Do what should have been done in 2008. While we covered the man, we didn’t change the narrative.

That being said, does Dean have a chance? No, and he most likely knows it.

But does he have a shot at Secretary of Whatever? Yes he does.

That could be his angle.

Biden Says “Malarkey” a Spanish Word (Video)

God love this man:


“Derp” is 100% American.

Rand Paul on Chris Christie: He “doesn’t seem to be very conservative.”


christie-obama_1_s640x427Senator Rand Paul blasted Gov. Chris Christie, a possible opponent in the Republican Presidential Primaries in 2016, saying he “doesn’t seem to be very conservative.”

“I think when sometimes when you do things and the appearances are you’ve done them simply for your benefit, and not the party’s benefit, that may be a problem,” said Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, a potential 2016 GOP candidate. “I think the fact that he didn’t appoint somebody for a two-year period, and he set up a different election for three weeks before that’s going to cost $25 million, I think some people will say that doesn’t seem to be very conservative.”

In other news, Senator Paul announced:

  • Water is wet. 
  • The sky is blue.
  • Aquaman is useless on the moon.

More statements of the obscenely obvious to come.