Actually Read the Bills? You Can’t Be Serious?!

When he was asked if the Congressmen would be actually reading the health care bill before they voted on it, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer had an unusual response:

If every member pledged to not vote for it if they hadn’t read it in its entirety, I think we would have very few votes,” Hoyer told at his regular weekly news conference.

Hoyer was responding to a question from on whether he supported a pledge that asks members of the Congress to read the entire bill before voting on it and also make the full text of the bill available to the public for 72 hours before a vote.

In fact, Hoyer found the idea of the pledge humorous, laughing as he responded to the question. “I’m laughing because a) I don’t know how long this bill is going to be, but it’s going to be a very long bill,” he said.

I think Thomas Jefferson would probably punch this boob right in his smug face. Is this really the best we can do?

Hardly. In fact, there is something the Republicans could do that would be a win-win. They could get every Republican member of Congress, all the Congressmen and all the Senators, to support the Read the Bills Act. Created by Downsize DC, here’s what it does according to their website:

  • Each bill, and every amendment, must be read in its entirety before a quorum in both the House and Senate.
  • Every member of the House and Senate must sign a sworn affidavit, under penalty of perjury, that he or she has attentively either personally read, or heard read, the complete bill to be voted on.
  • Every old law coming up for renewal under the sunset provisions must also be read according to the same rules that apply to new bills.
  • Every bill to be voted on must be published on the Internet at least 7 days before a vote, and Congress must give public notice of the date when a vote will be held on that bill.
  • Passage of a bill that does not abide by these provisions will render the measure null and void, and establish grounds for the law to be challenged in court.
  • Congress cannot waive these requirements.

Honestly, this isn’t too much to ask, is it? That the people voting on the bill actually understand what they are voting on beforehand.

Here’s where the win-win comes in. The American people are tired of these things going through without anyone reading them. If the Republicans were to make this issue their baby, they would be supported by the people. The Democrats would take a serious hit opposing this.

So the Republicans get a little bit of credibility back in the limited government arena while the Democrats take heat from the people.

Plus, if they are actually successful, we the people get better government:

The effects of these provisions will be profound . . .

  • Congress will have to slow down. This means the pace of government growth will also slow.
  • Bills will shrink, be less complicated, and contain fewer subjects, so that Congress will be able to endure hearing them read.
  • Fewer bad proposals will be passed due to “log-rolling.”
  • No more secret clauses will be inserted into bills at the last moment.
  • Government should shrink as old laws reach their sunset date, and have to be read for the first time before they can be renewed.

If they had any sense, the GOP would be all over this. So, based on what I have seen recently, don’t count on it. Still, maybe a phone call is in order to your favorite Republican. Tell them about the Read the Bills Act. Maybe someone will see the potential and act on it.


Props to Jason over at Jason A. for recognizing the importance of this bill and writing his own fantastic post about it.

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Stay Classy, Barack


How could he know someone would be aiming a camera at him at the exact moment when he starts checking out some woman.

And the look on Sarkozy’s face is priceless.

Hat Tip: Drudge and Saul Anuzis’ Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Reuters

Watch Republican Senate Doctors Live On UStream

From the site:

Republican Health Care Plans:

* Focus on health coverage for all 300 million Americans, including the 47 million uninsured.
* Are health care plans you can afford.
* Allow you and your doctor to make your health care decisions, not some Washington bureaucrat.
* Emphasize prevention and wellness.
* Give low-income Americans the same opportunities and choices that most Americans already have.
* Don’t make it harder for American businesses to compete in the world marketplace by adding to their costs.
* Won’t saddle your children and grandchildren with trillions of dollars of debt.
* Should be enacted this year at a pace that lets us do it right.

Website of the Day: The Daily Bayonet

It wasn’t too long ago I compiled a list of 46 Fantastic Websites to Learn the Truth About Climate Change. I encouraged you to add sites that I missed to the comment section. You did, and I started reading the Daily Bayonet. It’s a great blog.

Go over there and subscribe.

Obama Promises to Keep Global Temperatures From Rising Even 2°C

The man can’t get Joe Biden to keep his goofy mouth shut, he can’t meddle in the fight for freedom in a foreign land, he can’t even get his staff to spell his name right, but he is going to keep the global temperature from rising 2°C.


For the first time, America and the other seven richest economies agreed to the goal of keeping the world’s average temperature from rising more than 2C (3.6F).

They also agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050 as they strove for a worldwide deal at Copenhagen in December.

The moves were designed to put the squeeze on the world’s developing nations, most of whose leaders will join the G8 for a debate chaired by President Obama today.

You want to see how dedicated Obama is to lowering greenhouse gases? Look and see how much he is pushing nuclear power. It’s nil.

Now look at how the redistribution of wealth factors into the plan.

Also, you have to realize they know the temperatures are already dropping, even while the CO2 emissions keep rising:

It was the 15th coldest June in the 31 years of satellite record keeping since 1979. The first half of the month was extremely cold and even snowy in south Central Canada and the northern United States. In snowed in North Dakota and in California and northern New England in early June. It was also unusually cold in the southwest – well below the normal (often 10-20 degrees) in places like Palm Springs, CA. In general, the desert southwest was unusually mild. Phoenix had 15 straight days with highs below 100F, the first time in June since 1913.

In contrast feeding off the dry soils from two years of La Nina, June, especially the second half was very hot in the southern plains and the heat expanded north and east a bit after mid-month before being suppressed again by months end.

In the northeast, the month was unusually cold, cloudy and wet. In Boston it was 4.7F below normal in a tie for 6th coldest June (with 1982) in 138 years of record keeping, all the other years were before 1916. It was just short of two standard deviations colder then normal. The NWS spot checked the average maximum temp at Boston for the month and it appears this is the second coldest average high temp since 1872. 1903 is the record. A trace or more of rain fell on 22 days of the month. Measurable (0.01 inches or more) occurred on 16 days just short of the record of 18 set in 1942.

At Blue Hill Observatory in Milton, MA, just southwest of Boston, the month of June had between 26 and 27% of the possible bright sunshine. Normal for June is 55% and the gloomiest June in 1903 had just 25% of the possible sunshine. Second place had been June, 1998, with 36%. So, this month has taken over 2nd place, not an enviable distinction for vacationers. So little sunshine and so much cool temperatures that we have heard some reports that swamp maples in parts of Maine showing fall colors!

New York City’s Central Park was also cool, cloudy and wet. The month averaged 3.7F below normal and tied with 1897 as the 8th coldest since 1869 (151 years). It rained in 23 days of the month and ended up as the second wettest June ever falling short of 1927. Recall Joe Romm of Climate Progress had blamed the rains at the US Open on global warming and chuckled the heat waves would make the climate debate in DC all that much more exciting.

Global temperatures have even dropped .74 of a degree since Al Gore’s crockumentary hit the big screens.

So what is this all about? Leveling the economic playing field and global governance. Not my words, but the words of EU Environment Commissioner Margot Wallstroem and then French President Jacques Chirac:

EU Environment Commissioner Margot Wallstroem says Kyoto “is not a simple environmental issue, where you can say scientists are not unanimous. This is about international relations, this is about the economy, about trying to create a level playing field for big businesses throughout the world. You have to understand what is at stake and that is why it is serious,” she declaimed. And French President Jacques Chirac has termed the Kyoto Protocol “the first component of authentic global governance.”

I hope you will excuse me if I take them at their word.

City to Get $400,000 In Stimulus Money For Landscaping

The City of Hoover, Alabama is getting some yard work done on the federal dime. They are set to receive nearly half a million dollars in order to spruce up a section of highway:

The project will be paid completely with federal funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, according to the Alabama Department of Transportation.

The city will not be required to provide any matching funds for the project.

I am guessing this is one of those “green” jobs the president is always talking about, because it isn’t creating any jobs. The job was already bid by a group Forestry Environmental Services. They said they could do it for $229,514.

Now you know why people bribe politicians to get those government contracts. It isn’t tough to spend money that isn’t yours.

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How Good Would Your Site Look With an $18 Million Facelift? is getting updated. Whenever we update the blog to the newer version of WordPress, it’s a headache. But, it doesn’t cost us $18 million:

“ 2.0 will use innovative and interactive technologies to help taxpayers see where their dollars are being spent,” James A. Williams, commissioner of GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service, says in a press release announcing the contract awarded to Maryland-based Smartronix Inc. “Armed with easy access to this information, taxpayers can make government more accountable for its decisions.”

The contract calls for spending $9.5 million through January, and as much as $18 million through 2014, according to the GSA press release.

In five years, they are going to spend $18 million to update a website they claim tells the taxpayer see where their dollars are being spent. For $5 million and some change a year, I could go to college, double major in economics and computer programming, hire some people to help me collect and input all the information and still have some loot left over for a Mountain Dew and Crunchy Cheetos celebration party for me and all my Twitter followers (go ahead and follow me now, space is limited).

Un. Be. Lievable.

The RNC thinks it’s a bit over the top also:

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White House Spells Obama’s Name Wrong…No, Really

It wasn’t that long ago that the White House spelled a visiting leader’s name wrong.

I never thought they would forget how to spell the President of the United States’:

In a release touting an agreement between Obama and President Dmitry Medvedev over how to craft a follow-up to the START arms reduction treaty, the White House claimed the document had been signed by one “Barak Obama.”


This administration keeps making Bush look like a homeschool kid at a national spelling bee.

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Democrats Trying To Worsen Trade War, Take it Global

As I wrote in my American Issues Project column, the Obama Administration has already started two different trade wars, one with Mexico and the other with Canada. These are our to biggest export countries. They are not happy with us.

Now it seems that House Democrats want to take that global:

Senior Democrat senators said on Wednesday they would change a provision that imposes carbon taxes on imports following warnings that the clause in the House’s cap-and-trade bill could spark a global trade war.

The House’s bill contained tough provisions to impose carbon tariffs, aimed at protecting American companies’ competitiveness against imports from countries without equivalent carbon emission controls to those in the US.

So who’s fighting to keep the provision out of the Senate bill? John Kerry.

This should end well.

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Website of the Day: Atlas Shrugs

The Website of the day is Atlas Shrugs, written by Pamela Geller. Pamela focuses on the fight against radical Islam and the creeping Sharia seen around the world.