Disrespect: Obama Offers Salute to Marine with Tea Cup In His Hand (Video)

When I was in the military, I was one of the few people authorized to salute with my left hand, but only if I was carrying a video camera with my right.

Because you don’t salute […]

Why is No One Bringing Up This Common Denominator in the NFL Domestic Violence Stories?

The NFL is taking a beating in the news. It seems the whole league is filled with wife beaters.

Here’s a few we know about. First, of course, is Ray Rice:

MSNBC reports that Jonathan Dwyer was also arrested […]

ISIS Reportedly Kills 300 Iraqi Soldiers in Chemical Attack – FLASHBACK: ISIS Seized Chemical Weapons Facility in July

I have two different sources saying ISIS has used chemical weapons to kill 300 Iraqi soldiers in Saqlawiyah, Iraq. First, OneIndia reported on Friday:

The Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has reportedly launched a chemical […]

9th Circuit Says Girls Can Be Prohibited From Dressing Provocatively to Prevent Rapes, Or Something

These folks just painted themselves into a corner, if you ask me.

Have you supported your Black owned businesses lately?

Last weekend, I attended a meeting hosted by the Buy Black Empowerment Initiative, a local group dedicated to helping small black owned businesses in the Kansas City area. During the meeting, while discussing the itinerary for […]

Congress Is Afraid Of The Gun Lobby, And That’s A Good Thing

Gabby Giffords says Congress is afraid of the “gun lobby”. As if that’s a bad thing.

The “gun lobby” isn’t some nefarious villain who lurks in the shadows, the gun lobby is the American people. American […]

Dept. of Education Gave $1.5 Million for Anti-Semitic, Anti-American School Events

The Department of Education gave $1.5 million to UCLA’s Center for Near East Studies (CNES). According to “a large group of Jewish and civil rights organizations,” a vast majority of the events organized by […]

College Students Sign Petition in Support of ISIS – You Read That Right (Video)

There's a segment with a military member. What he says is the truth.

Biden Uses Term Other Democrats Consider Racist and Demeaning (Video)

I'm sure Biden will apologize for this racial slur. Right?

If Obama Holds a Climate Change Conference And Nobody Shows Up, Is There Still a Global Crisis?

President Obama’s climate change conference may result in the first time the POTUS plays to an empty room, as leaders of many of the world’s major countries are sitting this one out. Anthony Watts […]