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Obama On Borders

With all due respect to the office, our current President isn't consistent when it comes to border policy.

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Hidden Agendas

It would seem that my number one concern in politics today is Russia. However, obvious that may seem, that is not the case. The reason it may seem that way is because, of all the things happing in the world (Benghazi, IRS, Israel, EPA, O'Care, Immigration) this is one of the most dangerous and most blatant events.

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Blinded by Parties

It seems that the “Occupier in Chief” was able to pull the curtains over his constituants eyes yet again. If your wonder how, take a look at this video.


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Building Trust with Passwords

In my opinion, your password should contain all of these elements. It will help keep the riffraff from stealing from you and getting your information.