President Tee Time Visits Stonehenge, Because His To-Do List is Pretty Light Right Now

Priorities –

"How cool is this? Spectacular!" says Obama of #Stonehenge. "Knocked it off my bucket list." (Via @AnnCompton)— Jon Williams (@WilliamsJon) September 5, 2014

Meanwhile, the world is on fire.

But take your time, Barry. […]

Hacker Breaches, Only Surprise Is It Took This Long

When the government decided to create, they created one of the biggest targets in the online realm.  It was only a matter of time before this happened:

A hacker broke into part of the […]

Gold Star Parents of Navy SEAL to Obama: Resign

John Hinderaker called it. These folks have "absolute moral authority."

ISIS Fighter Worked at Minnesota Airport, Had “Unfettered Access to Planes” (Video)

This raises the pucker factor of flying a bit.

WH Spokesman Says Obama Wasn’t Referring to ISIS When He Made “Jayvee” Crack, WaPo Breaks Out Four Pinocchios

I would not want the job of trying to spin Obama’s idiotic comments, but Josh Earnest took it.

He can reap the whirlwind:
The president’s “JV” comment was so striking that Remnick, in his article, referred to […]

Inspiring: Obama Says If “International Community” Comes Together, They Can Make al Qaeda’s Jayvee Team a “Manageable Problem” (Video)

How many beheadings equate to a manageable problem?

Obama Casts Russia As A Threat to Peace in Europe – Meanwhile, the 1980s Holds on Line One to Discuss Foreign Policy (Video)

Having discarded the rose colored glasses on Mr. Putin, or having them forcibly removed by reality, President Barack Obama made the following comments today in Estonia:

In a speech in Tallinn, Obama said the vision of […]

Nearly a Dozen Airlines Reportedly Missing in Libya, Feared in Hands of Islamist Militias

The good news is, Islam is the religion of peace, so, yeah...

ISIS Beheads American Journalist in Video

Depending on when President Tee-Time hears about this on the news, it could be a game changer for our conflict with these sub-humans.

Change: Solar Power Towers Setting Thousands of Birds on Fire in Flight

Called "streamers" because of the smoke trail they leave as they burst into flames, it's estimated that solar power towers kill around 28,000 birds in flight a year.