Obama Casts Russia As A Threat to Peace in Europe – Meanwhile, the 1980s Holds on Line One to Discuss Foreign Policy (Video)

Having discarded the rose colored glasses on Mr. Putin, or having them forcibly removed by reality, President Barack Obama made the following comments today in Estonia:

In a speech in Tallinn, Obama said the vision of […]

Nearly a Dozen Airlines Reportedly Missing in Libya, Feared in Hands of Islamist Militias

The good news is, Islam is the religion of peace, so, yeah...

ISIS Beheads American Journalist in Video

Depending on when President Tee-Time hears about this on the news, it could be a game changer for our conflict with these sub-humans.

Change: Solar Power Towers Setting Thousands of Birds on Fire in Flight

Called "streamers" because of the smoke trail they leave as they burst into flames, it's estimated that solar power towers kill around 28,000 birds in flight a year.

Obama Misses 3 AM Phone Call from Ferguson Because He’s Dancing At a Birthday Party

I thought Gov. Jay Nixon was blowing it with Ferguson.  At least he’s not dancing while Ferguson burns:

People were not happy:
DEEP… But REAL! RT @PhillyTheBoss: Bush flew over New Orleans post-Katrina… Obama dancing through Ferguson.


Outrageous: Federal Judge Rules AR-15s “Fall Outside Second Amendment Protection as Dangerous and Unusual”

A federal judge in Maryland ruled “assault rifles,” meaning AR-15s and other scary black guns with magazines, are “dangerous and unusual,” so you can’t own them. Which is less surprising, that this happened in Maryland, […]

Chicago Top Cop Say Law Abiding, Pro-Second Amendment Activists Are “Corrupt” And “Endanger Public Safety”

Garry McCarthy is a completely disconnected statist who sees freedom as the enemy to his utopia.

Planned Parenthood Didn’t Report A Child’s Rapist, Who Then Assaulted More Girls

When I worked with sex offenders, there was a rule we used when talking with the kids about their victims.

You never get caught your first time.

There were many reasons for this, but I never had […]

Study: Democrats Pay Black Staffers 3/5ths What They Pay Whites

So, if you’re Latino, you deliberately get paid half if you’re working for Democrats? But Republicans are the racists?

Obama Took Credit For Leaving Iraq, Until “Credit” Became “Blame” (Video)

This man is unbelievable.