Good News: Harry Reid Says If Obamacare Costs You Your Job, You’re Not Unemployed, You’re a “Free Agent.”

The Congressional Budget Office’s latest nail in Obamacare’s coffin (*crosses fingers*) is a report saying it will eventually result in close to two million people losing their jobs. I wrote yesterday that I doubted Democrats would be trumpeting the results of this anytime soon.

I underestimated how stupid they think their supporters are:

And then I said, "You're not unemployed.  You're a 'free agent.'"

And then I said, “You’re not unemployed. You’re a ‘free agent.’”

When asked for a reaction on the CBO report that projected millions of lost jobs because of Obamacare’s impact on labor incentives, the Democrat suggested that job loss is a liberating life-event:

“We have the CBO report, which rightfully says, that people shouldn’t have job lock. If they — we live in a country where there should be free agency. People can do what they want,” Reid told reporters. “And what they’re saying here is — and the fact checkers have already done this — the Republicans talk about losing millions of jobs simply isn’t true. It allows people to get out of a job they’re locked into, because of — they have healthcare in their job.”

Right… “Mr. Jones, we regret to inform you that we have to make some cuts in your department. You are now a “free agent”. Please clean out your desk by noon.”

I love how he’s talking about a federal government mandate to buy health insurance while at the same time saying, “People can do what they want.”

No, they can’t.  They can’t go to a job they used to have but lost because of Obamacare.

They can’t have the health insurance policy they used to have but was dropped because of Obamacare.

And they can’t buy the groceries they want to buy because the money for them is now paying for higher premiums because of Obamacare.

People can’t do what they want, because Obamacare says they can’t.

Oh, and you know what else would create that “free agency” Reid is talking about?

Untying health care from employment, allowing people buy policies across state lines like they do auto insurance and the abolition of government mandates on policies.

Basically, get government out of the way and let people negotiate with insurers for the policy that best fits their needs, also known as the free market.

Of course, as noted, Reid clearly thinks people are simple, mouth breathing knuckle draggers who can’t live without government, so that’s crazy talk.

Instead, he’s happy liberating you from your job.

Congrats, citizen.  You’re a free agent.


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Cruz on Obama: “The End Justifies the Means and It is All Political to Them.” (Video)

President Obama has never, ever shown any respect to the Constitution. From the beginning, he said the Constitution needed fixing. And when he was first elected, he vowed to fundamentally transform America.

It’s that lack of respect and mission that explain his lawlessness, which Sen Ted Cruz discussed with Glenn Beck:

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One of the most chilling moments of last week’s State of the Union was watching the Democratic members of Congress gleefully cheer as President Obama declared he was stripping the legislative body of its power. Sen. Cruz believes that bizarre demonstration was further proof of an ‘ends justify the means’ mentality.

“It was breathtaking… You go back to the Federalist Papers and the ideas that power is divided because factions will battle with each other, and that tension will protect the liberty of the people. You’ve got Congressional Democrats who are willingly ceding Congress’s authority to the president,” Sen. Cruz said. “The only explanation I can give is the end justify the means and it is all political to them. They agree with what he is doing, so there’s no responsible answer.”

Cruz is right. This is all very Machiavellian.

Obama and the Democrats are lawless. It’s that simple.

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Today’s Father Holding an Intruder at Gunpoint in his Daughter’s Bedroom Brought to You By Ocala, Florida

I’m going to keep saying this until I don’t have to anymore:


For example:

Marion County Sheriff’s deputies said a father’s quick thinking kept a shocking situation from getting worse after a man was found in his 7-year-old daughter’s bedroom.

After returning home from a birthday dinner Friday night, the Smith family came home to quite a surprise when they walked into their Ocala home and headed into their daughter McKenzie’s room to get her ready for bed.

“This scary, he was freaky looking man just peered out and it was like ‘whoa. What are you doing in my daughter’s bedroom,’” the girl’s mother said.

Deputies said 63-year-old Paul Matheny was found hiding under blankets.

Jesse Smith grabbed his Glock when he heard his daughter and wife screaming.

“I immediately got my gun and went there and got them out of the room,” Smith said.

He held Matheny at gunpoint until deputies arrived. . . . .

Hat Tip: John Lott

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“Would you mind signing this petition to put all gun owners in the FEMA camps?” (Video)

Mark Dice took a clip board and a pen and tried to see if college students would support repealing the Second Amendment.

When they did, he ratcheted up the crazy, asking them to support rounding all gun owners up, putting them in FEMA camps and eventually, executing them.

Behold, America’s future:


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Former Obama Energy Secretary Says Keystone Decision Purely Political, Left Renews Attack

Former Obama Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the decision to permit the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline was a political, not scientific, one. Which means the fate of the project is in hands of the most radical leftist president ever and his dopey liberal Secretary of State. Considering Obama preached the gospel of the Church of Global Warming in the State of the Union following a January with record breaking cold weather, I’m betting he’s giving one of these:


Speaking at a news conference in Port of Spain Chu said, “I don’t have a position on whether the Keystone Pipeline should be built. That is for the secretary of State and the president. But I will say that the decision on whether the construction should happen was a political one and not a scientific one.”

Chu then told OGJ that he wanted to expand his statement to say that the studies commissioned by the administration were, in fact, scientific. Late last week, the US State Department said in its long-awaited final supplemental environmental impact statement that the 1,700-mile proposed construction and operations of the Keystone XL line would not have significant environmental impacts (OGJ Online, Feb. 2, 2014).

But now, it’s all politics, which, as I said before, leads me to believe the whole thing is as good as dead, especially when you have the Eco-marxists trotting out celebrities to try to kill it. Speaking of Robert Redford:

You’ll remember that the president said he won’t greenlight a project that raises the dangers of climate change. The State Department report makes it clear that this is exactly what Keystone XL would do. Bottom line: the tar sands pipeline fails the president’s climate test. It’s a bad idea. It needs to be denied.

When it comes to climate change, we know we have to do things differently. As the president said in his State of the Union address, we have to “act with more urgency — because a changing climate is already harming western communities struggling with drought, and coastal cities dealing with floods.” Climate change hits us at home: hurting our health and our children. How does this translate into everyday decisions? We need to stop approving dirty energy projects that will only drive us further into the climate danger zone.

Remember, nothing takes priority over the agenda. Not jobs, not the price of gas, not popular public opinion.

Never mind that more oil was spilled via rail in one year than by pipeline over the last four decades. Facts have no place here.

The agenda comes first. And in this case, the agenda says the pipeline must not be built.

I hope I’m wrong.

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Change: CBO Says Obamacare Will Mean 2 Million Fewer Workers

Nuff said.

Nuff said.

Democrats love dragging out the Congressional Budget Office when they produce something that supports their position.

I’m guessing they aren’t going to be highlighting this report:

Obamacare will push the equivalent of about 2 million workers out of the labor market by 2017 as employees decide either to work fewer hours or drop out altogether, according to the latest estimates Tuesday from the Congressional Budget Office.

That’s a major jump in the nonpartisan budget agency’s projections and it suggests the health care law’s incentives are driving businesses and people to choose government-sponsored benefits rather than work.

“CBO estimates that the ACA will reduce the total number of hours worked, on net, by about 1.5 to 2 percent during the period from 2017 to 2024, almost entirely because workers will choose to supply less labor — given the new taxes and other incentives they will face and the financial benefits some will receive,” CBO analysts wrote in their new economic outlook.

The scorekeepers also said the rollout problems with the Affordable Care Act last year will mean only 6 million people sign up through the state-based exchanges, rather than the 7 million the CBO had originally projected.

The good news is, everything’s going to be awesome soon. And by “soon,” I mean 2020.

And by “awesome,” I mean 30 million people will still not have health insurance.

It’s a series of failures.

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Idiocracy: MSNBC Interrupts Congresswoman Discussing NSA To Report on Justin Bieber’s Arrest (Video)


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Aetna CEO Says Obamacare “didn’t really eat into the uninsured population,” Company May Be Forced Out of Program (Video)

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini says Obamacare failed to attract the uninsured and could result in either double digit increased in rates or the company pulling out of the program completely:

“Are they going to be double-digit [increases] or are we going to get beat up because they’re double-digit or are we just going to have to pull out of the program?” Bertolini asked in a “Squawk Box” interview from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “Those questions can’t be answered until we see the population we have today. And we really don’t have a good view on that.”

Well, this is strange news, considering there are six million people signed up for coverage through Obamacare.

Clearly this guy is racist or something:

He said that so far, Obamacare has just shifted people who were insured in the individual market to the public exchanges where they could get a better deal on a subsidy for coverage. “We see only 11 percent of the population is actually people that were firmly uninsured that are now insured. So [it] didn’t really eat into the uninsured population.”


The whole goal of this was to get uninsured people covered. Are we to believe this whole thing is a failure?


Well, at least we’ve got all those new people in Medicaid. And we get to spend all the money subsidizing insurance for people.

No way this is the road to single payer, and by “no way,” I mean:


Watch the video:

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Smith & Wesson To End Gun Sales in California Over Microstamping Law


California passed a law that told gun manufacturers to make guns that microstamp ammunition.

Smith & Wesson said they’d just stop selling guns in California:

The announcement late Wednesday came a week after the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for firearms manufacturers, filed suit against California for requiring that all new semi-automatic pistols that are not already on the state’s approved gun roster have the microstamping technology.

Microstamping is a patented process that, in theory, would have a unique code on the tip of a gun’s firing pin that would engrave that information on the casing when fired.

Here’s the problem: the microstamping technology doesn’t exist.

In less polite terms, it didn’t work, still doesn’t work, and cannot be made to work. Secondly, the legislation (like most) was so poorly written that no gun manufacturer can even know if he is in compliance or not. To date, no crime has ever been solved with the aid of this non-existent technology!

Regardless of the technology, the law is doing what it was designed to do: limit the Second Amendment rights of Californians.

The good news is, all the gangs will soon be disarmed.


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Study: “On many issues, much of the public appears to support more extreme policies than legislators do.”

Are you an extremist?

I’d wager my positions would be considered “extreme” by some.

Those folks are called “legislators.”


Using a survey designed to measure support for extreme policies, I find that the characterization of the public as largely centrist rests on shaky ground. On many issues, much of the public appears to support more extreme policies than legislators do. And while many argue that today’s engaged activists support more extreme policies than the broader public, my findings suggest the opposite: The disengaged and infrequent voters who allegedly constitute the moderate middle are actually more likely to endorse extreme policies than politically active voters.


Now, really, I have to know what is considered “extreme.”

And since we’re tossing the word “extreme” around all willy-nilly, I’ll just leave this here:

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