Rush Breaks Down The Difference Between Operation Wide Receiver and Fast & Furious (Video)

This is important information to know, especially since the left’s main talking point is this all started under Bush and Holder stopped it.

That’s a lie:

If you don’t share the post, please share the video. This is a very important issue and the Democrats are actively engaging in disinformation.

The International Trailer for Taken 2…Yes, Taken 2




Fact: Gays Have More Blood on Their Hands Over AIDS Than Reagan

Gay activists were invited to the White House to celebrate LGBT Pride Month and spent some time flipping the bird to the portrait of Ronald Reagan.

The reason for this is because they have been taught that Reagan didn’t care about the AIDS epidemic. They say he has the blood of thousands on his hands.

They lie.

The main reason AIDS spread to rapidly in the gay community is because the gay community didn’t want to hurt the gay movement’s image. So rather than blame the spread of AIDS on homosexual activity, they did this:

AIDS was first identified in the United States in 1981. Since then, “an estimated 1,051,875 people have been diagnosed with AIDS in America.” Close to 600,000 of them have died.

In 1983, there were only 1,500 cases of AIDS diagnosed in America, but the rate of infection was doubling every month. The gay rights community, however, was engaged in a campaign of intimidation against those who would label the disease “sexually transmitted.”

For example, the Stonewall Gay Democratic Club in San Francisco was one of the more powerful political groups in the Bay Area. It promoted the slogan, “Sex doesn’t cause AIDS – a virus does.”

According to David Horowitz, in his book “Radical Son,” the group was afraid that when 95 percent of the cases in San Francisco were among gay men, any correlation of the disease with promiscuous homosexual activity would “create a political backlash.”

Gay rights activists in government compounded the problem. Pat Norman was the Director of the Office of Lesbian and Gay Health in San Francisco’s health department. She was also the chair of the Coordinating Committee of Gay and Lesbian Services, which compared the screening of blood donors as “reminiscent of miscegenation blood laws that divided black blood from white.” They even compared it to the internment of Japanese during World War II.

During all this, the gay bath houses continued to operate. Some men there would have unprotected sex with up to ten other men a night. …

But because liberals were concerned about the political backlash of the facts, it was easier to blame Reagan for committing genocide against the gay community by not funding AIDS research than it was to close the bath houses.

How many cases would have been prevented if liberals had told the truth is impossible to calculate. However, we do know that there are more than a million Americans living with the disease today. More than 14,000 of them will probably die this year.

This is the truth about the spread of AIDS during the Reagan Administration. The gay activists, the same type of people who stood before the portrait of Reagan flipping the bird, refused to tell their people the truth.

And thousands died because of it.

Jon Stewart Covers Fast & Furious Better Than Main Stream Media (Video)

On the Daily Show, Jon Stewart covered the use of Executive Privilege by President Barack Obama better than ABC and NBC.

And he does it in hysterical fashion:


Mark Levin Destroys Jeb Bush in Big Tent vs. Bold Colors Rant (Video)

Gov. Jeb Bush has an article over at National Review that starts out gangbusters, but then on page 2, drifts off into the weeds.

In the beginning, I was ready to get behind Jeb and praise his brilliance. He described many of my beliefs:

We will be guided meaningfully by the first principles of our party and this nation. First above all is our fundamental belief in the individual as the center of opportunity and ideological energy. We do not believe that government creates prosperity or drives it. Like the founders of our country, we know a self-regulating and responsible people is essential to limit the scope and ambition of government. We resist the urge to substitute regulations and governmental directives for entrepreneurial creativity and civic service. We believe that the best government is that which is smallest and the most just government is that which treats all citizens and entities equally, with no special favors and no special sanctions.

We believe that there is no way for leaders to direct the dreams and ambitions of 312 million Americans — and so we believe fundamentally in freedom. Let individuals direct themselves to whatever heights they aspire to reach, and let them enjoy the benefits of their success because they bear significant responsibility for the risks they take.

There isn’t a single thing in those two paragraphs that I disagree with.


And if you’re a regular reader, I doubt there’s anything there you disagree with either.

But then, this:

This is different than the approach of President Obama, as he has made clear through policies that place greater power and resources behind the government at the expense of the individual. So the distinction will be obvious.

But to make sure that we do not lose the advantage of that clear difference, we must not layer onto our fundamental beliefs thick black lines of ideology — black lines that we do not allow ourselves to cross. Those black lines can be comforting, I understand. They provide certainty and stability and ideological purity. But they also restrict the way we think about problems, and make more difficult the kind of reform-minded free thinking that has defined the conservative movement for the last 50 years.

Thick black lines of ideology are good at keeping people in, but they are also good at keeping people out. And our party can’t win if we keep people out.

What is it about the first paragraph that would keep people out?

And which of those things are you willing to sacrifice so that our side grows in ranks?

Are you willing to sacrifice your belief in “the individual as the center of opportunity and ideological energy?”

The belief that “a self-regulating and responsible people is essential to limit the scope and ambition of government?”

Or should we sacrifice the belief that “the best government is that which is smallest and the most just government is that which treats all citizens and entities equally?”

Furthermore, do we want people among us be would be willing to direct the platform in the opposite of any of those positions?

Our task is not to make our principles and beliefs so flexible that we allow our movement to hijacked by those who do not share our beliefs. Our task is to remove the scales from those around us who share our beliefs, yet do not vote accordingly. Our task is to show those who are willing to listen how one side stands for liberty and freedom, while the other stands for force and tyranny.

We should not feel the need to sacrifice our beliefs for a bigger tent. We stand for freedom, and as Andrew Breitbart said, “If you can’t sell freedom, you suck.”

Mark Levin addressed this same article this evening on his show. He utterly destroyed Bush’s premise, utilizing the words of Ronald Reagan:

We can have a big tent without sacrificing our principles.

Just sell freedom.

Now Racist In The US: Soil

Yes, soil:

See what else is now racist in the US. If you have a tip, send me an email and I’ll add it to the list.

School Bus Monitor Abused By Students, Stranger Raises $318,000 (And counting) For Her Online

I have considered writing about this video, but didn’t.

It a difficult video to watch and it makes me sad, not just for Karen Klein, the victim of several merciless school bus riding miscreants. It makes me sad for those children who clearly don’t have parents willing to raise them properly.

I deal with children like this at my children’s little league games. I deal with them, because their parents refuse to and they behave like little bullies.

A lot like this kids:

Little bastards with big mouths and no hearts.

But there is a silver lining. In the description section of that video on YouTube is a link to a site created to send Karen on a nice vacation. They hoped to raise around $5,000.

It’s currently up to $318,000:

A video of a 68-year-old school bus monitor mercilessly taunted by seventh graders became an international online rallying point against bullies Thursday, with a fund for the Rochester, N.Y., grandmother raising at least $290,000 and a deluge of people demanding harsh punishment for the boys.

Police said Karen Klein does not want her young tormenters to face criminal charges, partly because of the storm of criticism leveled at the boys from the Rochester suburb of Greece after the video went viral.

“They’ve received death threats,” Greece Police Capt. Steve Chatterton said Thursday. “Their families have been threatened. We have custody of one of their cellphones, and he had over 1,000 missed calls and 1,000 text messages threatening him. And he’s 13 years old. That must stop.”

Yeah, threatening a 13 year old with death does cross the line. Even my parents understood that, which is why they only threatened to beat me within an inch of my life.

But look at that outpouring of love. $318,000 and growing.

Want to contribute? Click here.

Awesome ending to an otherwise awful story.

Jay Carney Forgets the Name of Slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry

During his press briefing to day, Obama’s Press Secretary Jay Carney was spewing his general talking points, Bush did it, Republicans are bad, blah, blah, blah.

Then Jake Tapper asked him a question about the statement the family of Brian Terry released today.

Carney forgot their name. I mean, who are they after all?

“The family you mentioned.”


Rush: Tell Brian Terry’s Family Eric Holder Stopped Fast & Furious! (Video)

Rush was on fire today, responding to the latest Democrat talking point.

I blogged on it first thing this morning, saying that former Speaker Nancy Pelosi cared more about jobs than she did about justice for Brian Terry.  This is apparently the line Democrats have decided to take, because Jay Carney repeated it today during the White House press briefing.

But first, he blamed the Bush Administration for the creation and the implementation of the Fast & Furious program.  Rush wasn’t having any of it, blasting Carney with both barrels:

I didn’t get the screen recorder going right away, but stick with it. It’s the audio that’s important:

Rush is right.

If Fast & Furious wasn’t an Obama program, but was in fact stopped by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, why apply executive privilege? “Why not just release these documents that show it’s Bush’s fault?”

As usual, the application of logic utterly destroys the liberal premise.

Krauthammer: “Media Can’t Ignore Fast & Furious Anymore;” Meanwhile, Media Continues Ignoring Fast & Furious

Charles Krauthammer says the upcoming contempt of Congress vote in the House of Representatives will force the mainstream media to cover the Fast & Furious scandal:


Tonight, the Big Three news networks–ABC, CBS, and NBC–covered today’s explosive Fast & Furiousdevelopments with sharply contrasting approaches. CBS News put together an informative and satisfying report while ABC and NBC spun and downplayed the story to minimize harm to the Obama administration.

ABC World News started tonight with the absolute most important story of the day–a heat wave in the northeast! Then there was talk of a brand new flood zone.

The Fast & Furious scandal and President Obama’s first-ever invocation of executive privilege received only third-highest priority during ABC’s broadcast.

Brian Williams did not look happy at the beginning of NBC Nightly News tonight, and I don’t blame him. The House Oversight Committee voted Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt. This meant the controversy was, for the second time ever, too large for him to deny its newsworthiness.

Though Fast & Furious was the lead story for Nightly News, it was full of spin and jabs against Republicans. According to Mr. Williams, “Washington has blown up into a caustic partisan fight, and a showdown is coming over the power of the American president.” Mr. Holder was not found in contempt because of executive privilege. He was found in contempt for withholding documents.

Never misunderestimate the ability of the mainstream media to carry the water for a Democrat in the White House.