The Funniest Thing I’ve Read in A While

I am not a fan of the Washington Post. I certainly don’t read it for news, and it’s opinion page is far to the left of me.

But comedy? Yeah, it’s doing that right. […]

Biden Says Border Surge Not Caused By Increased Violence, But By Scheming Smugglers (Video)

Please. Smugglers didn't just suddenly realize there was money to be made here. There're more customers. If Joe's right and violence hasn't increased, then why are more parents sending their children to America?

Connecticut Cops Can Now Arrest You Just For Being Near Someone Else Being Arrested

A recent court ruling in Connecticut turns dangerous powers over to police in the state.  The ability to arrest someone just for being near someone getting arrested.

You don’t even need to be suspected of breaking […]

Clyburn: Elect A Dem Majority in the House, Because Impeachment, Also Racism

Rep. James Clyburn is done with facts, if he ever cared about them. He’s done with policy, or ideas. Now, it’s just fear and racism: South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn told reporters that Speaker John Boehner’s lawsuit against Obama a “precursor to impeachment” and declared that the only way to avoid that outcome is to put Democrats in control.

Poll Shows A Majority of Blacks Support Voter ID Laws, So Why Doesn’t Black Leadership?

A few days ago, I read an article on NewsOne-an African American geared news source- titled “Poll: Most Black Voters Support Voter ID Laws.” After reading the article, I began reading the comments from the […]

Three Prominent Dems Call For Obama to Change Tax Law Via Executive Order

Democrats are now just openly showing their contempt for the Constitution.  Three of these would-be revolutionaries are demanding that President Obama change tax law, a power exclusive to the Legislative Branch.  They want him to […]

Juan Williams: Marine Trapped in Mexican Jail “Not a Serious Issue” (Video)

How could he be so obtuse?

Poll: Americans More Dissatisfied With Obamacare Than Ever

America is moving past the promises and the rhetoric into the realm of reality.  And reality is punching them in the mouth:
According to new polling by the Kaiser Family Foundation, which has closely tracked Obamacare […]

Border Patrol Agent’s Comment Pretty Much Sums Up The Problem (Video)

I really hope this guy doesn't get in trouble for this:

Debbie Wasserman Shultz Says Ted Cruz is Speaker of the House, Then Things Get Stupid (Video)

During an interview on MSNBC Chuck Todd made the point that the only people talking about impeachment this week are Democrats.

Click Here For The Video

That’s when Debbie Wasserman Shultz turned the stupid up to 11:
Speaker […]