6 Jul 2012

All American Radio #36: Still Standing on the Bridge to Dependence; Plus Lee Stranahan

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Independence versus dependence in America’s modern era and Lee Stranahan joins Duane in the 2nd half to discuss liberal attacks, “swatting”, and much more.

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Here’s a new twist. I recorded the production live on Livestream yesterday at 6 pm CST. You can watch it below:

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6 Jul 2012

All American Radio #35: Emily Zanotti and James Skyles Talk SCOTUS

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Emily Zanotti from Naked D.C. and James Skyles from Ask a Cyber Lawyer join Duane to discuss the latest supreme court ruling and some super hero comic book stuff you won’t want to miss!

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6 Jul 2012

All American Radio #34: All Fast & Furious

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Duane talks to J. Christian Adams about the contempt vote and executive privilege and Mary Chastain stops by to discuss the latest on Fast and Furious.

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7 Jun 2012

All American Radio #31: Brandon Darby

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On this week’s All American Radio, Duane spends a full hour with Brandon Darby.

All American Blogger #31

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4 Jun 2012

All American Radio #30 with Andrew Ian Dodge and Big Gulp Tyranny

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Here’s the new All American Blogger. It’s episode number 30.

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4 May 2012

All American Radio #26

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All American Radio #26

This week on All American Radio I was joined by two friends from the rightosphere, Doug Ross and Stacy Washinginton.

Doug and I talked about his project Bad Blue and how bloggers can use it to find content for their sites and Stacy and I discussed the GOP’s feeble attempt to reach out to black voters.

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22 Mar 2012

All American Radio #22: The Ron Paul Revolution Comes to the Missouri Caucus; Plus One Cuba

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On this week’s All American Radio, I talk with Mark Galbraith, one of the members of the Ron Paul revolution that surprised my local Missouri caucus with their organization and numbers and with Nicolás Antonio Jiménez of One Cuba about their effort to bet Pope Benedict to meet with human rights activists during his trip to Cuba.

If you want to learn more about One Cuba, or sign the petition, click here or click the image to look at their Facebook page.

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16 Mar 2012

All American Radio #21: “”What if…a Marine comes at you with a banana? Exactly. You’re dead.” Plus, Teri Christoph

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Wednesday I didn’t get anything done, except this.

This week’s All American Radio features an interview with SHE Pac’s Teri Christoph about the success of their video, plus I look at the absurdity of disarming a Marine and thinking he’s not dangerous anymore.

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24 Feb 2012

All American Radio, Episode #18: How Brokered Conventions Work and Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

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I started this week’s All American Radio after only an hour of show prep time. I had a few stories I wanted to talk about, mainly focusing in the first half on the rules for a brokered convention, but the first fifteen minutes kind of just, well, happened.

I would really like some feedback on them, even if it’s negative.

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17 Feb 2012

This Week’s All American Radio – I Almost Endorse Someone

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By the time I got to the end of the first half of this week’s All American Radio, I couldn’t believe what I was saying.

It almost sounded like an endorsement, which was weird considering how I feel about the four men in the running. Who was I nearly advocating for?

Listen and hear for yourself. Then come back here and comment.