9 May 2012

Sen. Rand Paul Endorses Connie Mack in Florida Senate Race

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During a conference call today, Sen. Rand Paul announced his endorsement of Connie Mack for US Senate:

I am pleased this morning to endorse Connie Mack here in Florida. I think it would make a big difference if we can get Connie Mack up here. We need people who will vote for balancing the budget within the next five years. I see Connie Mack as that ally.

Here’s the audio:

19 Mar 2012

Duane Lester on WNRR 1380 AM

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Duane was on with Tony Powers on WNRR 1380 today talking about Rick Santorum, America’s entitlement culture and politics in general.

Here’s the audio.

15 Jun 2011

Duane Lester on KCMO AM 710 Morning Show

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After Duane wrote yesterday’s post; Midwest Katrina: Did The Army Corps Of Engineers Cause The Midwest Flooding Of 2011?, he was contacted by KCMO AM 710 in Kansas City and asked to appear on the morning show to talk about the flooding happening along the Missouri river, and the role of the Army Corps of Engineers in that flooding. So this morning Duane spoke with Greg Knapp on the radio.

It was an excellent interview. Here’s the audio…

This isn’t the first time Duane has been interviewed on the radio, and I suspect it won’t be the last.

25 Jan 2010

All American Radio – An Interview with Gov. Gary Johnson and Gun Control Nonsense

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Here is the first of the relaunched All American Radios. Some of the things I talked about in this show are:

This blog post:

Secondhand Gunfire and Other Anti-Gun Nonsense

This Video:

and this video:

I also had an interview with former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. We talked about his stance on various political issues. It’s a good look at where he is coming from politically.

I also closed with a look at a band you may not know. It’s The Murder Room. Check out the song I played here.

Here’s the podcast.  Let me know what you think in the comments.