6 Jul 2012

He’s Not Saying You’re #1, Barry (Comic)

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(Actual photos from Obama’s bus tour. Lyrics courtesy of one of President Obama’s favorite performers, Ludacris.)

5 Mar 2012

Liberal Reaction Guys React to Rush’s Sandra Fluke Comments (Comic)

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2 Feb 2012

I Guess Endorsements DO Matter (Comic)

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31 Jan 2012

Liberal Logic: If Finger Pointing is Racist, Then This (Comic)

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7 Oct 2011

Real Losers, Those People (Comic)

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This comic was inspired by the video following the comic. I used screen caps and actual quotes from the video:

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

23 Sep 2011

Ken Mehlman Weighs In on Perry’s Genetic Experimentation (Comic)

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7 Sep 2011

How New-Toneiness Really Works (Comic)

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14 Jun 2011

The Real Reason LeBron James Didn’t Go To College (Comic)

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Credit to Reddit.

2 May 2011

bin Laden Gets His Virgins (Comic)

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Robin Williams has another, NSFW version of the afterlife for Osama:

5 Apr 2011

Path to American Prosperity? Chuck Norris Approves (Comic)

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The only thing better would be if the hand of God Himself came down and patted Paul Ryan on the back: