26 Apr 2012

College Students Vandalize Muslim Display, University Defends Action as First Amendment Issue

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I’m sorry, did I write “Muslim” display?

My bad. It was a Christian pro-life display.

A Western Kentucky University art professor and her student are defending what pro-life students are calling an act of desecration and vandalism after the student draped hundreds of condoms on top of crosses displayed in a pro-life exhibit.

The crosses were part of a university-sanctioned display by Hilltopper’s For Life. A member of the group actually captured student Elaina Smith as she and another person placed condoms on many of the 3,700 crosses. She reportedly told the pro-lifers that the desecration was part of a class art project.

Smith was asked to stop and when she refused, they called Western Kentucky’s campus police. The police refused to stop the cross desecration, telling the pro-life students that it was a First Amendment issue.

Those are either A) some really stupid campus police, or B) campus police paralyzed by the fear of being politically incorrect. Maybe both.

The fact is the people who put the crosses up have First Amendment rights also. And the rights of the people desecrating the display end where the owners of the display’s ends.

They have no right to do what they did.

It’s no different than me going up to someone else’s property and modifying it against their will and claiming I have a right to free speech. Sure, but I don’t have a right to exercise it on or with their property.

Hilltoppers for Life are being represented by the Alliance Defense Fund, who sent a letter to the university demanding an apology and some answers:

“It appears that several WKU officials knew this vandalism would occur, did nothing to stop it, and allowed it to continue,” wrote attorney Travis Barham. “Our clients were exercising their First Amendment rights, and it is the duty of WKU officials to protect those freedoms, not passively allow them to be violated.”

One last thing I think is important. Whoever sponsored this stunt bought 3,700 condoms. I thought contraception was so expensive in America it required an act of Congress to help college students pay for it. Am I now to believe it’s actually so inexpensive it can be purchased for the express purpose of being used for attacks on Christians?

You can’t have it both ways.

Photo Credit: Justin Marty
20 Feb 2012

The Democrat’s Role in Black History, Part 1 (3 Graphics)

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It dawned on me that I hadn’t done anything for Black History Month yet.  So, while brainstorming what I could do to help celebrate black history, I decided that a few graphics were in order.

I’ll be putting them out a few at a time all week. Here’s three to kick things off:

This is part of black history that isn’t pointed out very often.

21 Feb 2011

Democrat Calls Black Constituents “Buckwheat,” Doubles Down By Calling Them “Teabaggers” Too

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An Ohio Democrat engaged a few of his constituents on his Facebook page regarding the newly elected Republican governor’s proposals on cutting collective bargaining in that state.

When he started losing the debate, he turned to ad hominem attacks…of the racial kind:

The Facebook discussion started between Hagan and Maggi Cook, of Southwest Ohio, regarding Wisconsin Senate Democrats not showing up at their Statehouse because of their governor’s attempts to remove collective bargaining rights and cut benefits for public workers.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has proposed similar cuts.

Hagan opposes the cuts.

Rachel Mullen Manias, a GOP activist from Broadview Heights, outside Cleveland; a man named Kevin Crowther and others joined the discussion.

The discussion continues, with Manias, Cook and Crowther, who is black, arguing for the need for cuts and Hagan against what’s bee n proposed.

Manias then wrote, “I’m guessing your (sic) from an entrenched area ripe with corruption. I don’t recognize your name as a Cuyahoga County resident, but I’m guessing you’re from the land of Traficant…”

Hagan responds that she’s not making sense. Two others comment and then Crowther returns to the discussion of public unions.

Then Hagan writes, “I ran against Traficant buckwheat … so take your personal shots, and shove them where the sun don’t shine.”

When taken to task for referring to a few of his black constituents by a racially charged term, Hagan apologized.

No, not really.  He doubled down:

“They are so full of —-,” he said. “They’re so negative, these teabaggers.”

He said that Republicans, as the ones who are cutting programs for the poor and rights for public employees, should be the ones defending themselves.

“I have no apologies for telling her to shove it where the sun don’t shine,” Hagan said. “I’m a liberal. I’m happy to be a liberal. I’m a progressive liberal and I have a record of fighting for equal rights, for civil rights, for women’s rights. The only thing I regret is responding to them at all.”

So there you have it.  A liberal progressive calls black Ohioans “buckwheat” and “teabaggers” but it’s “OOOOOO-TAY” because he has a record of fighting for women’s rights and stuff.

If any Republican referred to anyone as “buckwheat,” not only him, but his entire lineage would be known as racists.

The fact is, as seen by his comments, Hagen is a typical classless leftist, content to submerge himself in his own self worth and dismiss and disparage others because they simply don’t conform with his set of beliefs.  His contempt drips from his comments.

Is there any doubt he sees the black commenters as Uncle Toms, as well?

I don’t care who runs against him in the next election. If this Facebook conversation isn’t a prominent part of his campaign, they are doing it wrong.

16 Feb 2011

Fisking Alternet’s Chauncey DeVega

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Alternet’s Chauncey DeVega posted a reply today to all the conservatives who took issue with him referring to Herman Cain as a “monkey.”

As you would expect, the people who spent yesterday defending a black conservative are nothing but a bunch of racists.

You know you saw that coming.

In fact, DeVega doesn’t even bother to address the “white racial radicals” who spent time yesterday condemning the racist language used against a black man.

Try to wrap your head around that.

The white people who defended the black man are beneath the attention of the black man who declared Cain a race traitor, but the white folks are still the racists.

That’s the level of discourse with the left.

He starts by asking black conservatives why they are conservatives when the right hates black people so much.  He adds:

…the policies of the Right-wing in this country can in the most polite and generous terms be described as hostile and anathema to the political interests of the working and middle classes, people of color, and the poor.

Chauncey, whose programs destroyed the black family?

The left wing.

Whose programs increase dependence on a benevolent government?

The left wing.

Whose programs are currently breaking the back of the Federal budget?

The left wing.

The left wing’s programs, aka socialism in its various forms, have never resulted in prosperity for the masses, in any country.  They result in shortages, hunger, dependence and mass death.

What policies of the right wing have the same results?

School choice?

Ending abortion?

Personal responsibility?


What is it that is such a danger to the middle class?

The answer is, there isn’t.  The right wing believes the government’s role is to protect the rights of the individual, not provide for every need.  It isn’t endangering us.  It’s counting on us to do today what we have done in the past.


The left doesn’t share that belief.  And that lack of confidence puts the average American in far more danger than any right wing policy, because the solution is always a more powerful government.

Now, let’s tread a bit carefully: a difference of opinion on what constitutes good policy is not in and of itself a bad thing. Moreover, the diversity of political opinion in the black community is something to be celebrated. It should not be glossed over or run away from.

And yet, at no time did DeVega take the time to even mention, let alone address, Cain’s policy positions.  Rather, he focused on race and minimized Cain as a minstrel and branded him a race traitor.

How is that not racist?

Herman Cain has repeatedly spoken before the Koch Brothers funded, John Birch Society-linked groups, including those that are in favor of rolling back such basic Civil Rights era gains as integrated schools

I’ll be honest.  I had no idea what he was talking about here, so I Googled “abolish integrated schools.”  I found this post at Daily Kos, which led to this Washington Post article declaring that the Tea Party was against school integration because new Republican school board members were ending an integration policy in North Carolina.

However, both the Kossacks and DeVega fail to mention this:

The new school board has won applause from parents who blame the old policy – which sought to avoid high-poverty, racially isolated schools – for an array of problems in the district and who say that promoting diversity is no longer a proper or necessary goal for public schools.

It’s what the parents wanted.

Meanwhile, President Obama removes black children from private schools where they were succeeding and puts them back in government schools, drowning in failure, and the left applauds.

It’s about race when it hurts the right, but race takes a back seat to leftist ideology.  It’s a tool to them, not an issue.  It’s both a wedge and a hammer.

Herman Cain and Allen West both legitimated a deep hostility to President Obama that is rooted in “birtherism,” and crazed paranoid narratives about tyranny and terror from America’s first black president.

No, no they didn’t.

Neither Allen West nor Herman Cain addressed the concerns with the Obama administration from a racial perspective.  They spoke about the dangers of overarching, over-reaching governments and solutions to the problems America faces.

They spoke about liberty.  They didn’t focus on race.

And birthers?  Give me a break.  The only birth mentioned was the birth of Cain’s granddaughter.

…these are narratives which are at their root premised on a belief that a black man who happens to be President is prima facie and de facto illegitimate.

And yet, the same racist conservatives you claim think a black president is “de facto illegitimate” are supporting one in his run for the White House and made another the keynote speaker.

But in DeVega’s world, that just proves the racist beliefs of the organizers and attendees.

Whenever Herman Cain and others have a moment where they can engage in “real talk” among their ideological compatriots or make a public, critical intervention against the obvious racial hostility which drives contemporary American Conservatism, they either stand mute or enable it.


I have heard Cain speak on racism.  He speaks about it at Tea Parties, joking about how the left claims the Tea Party is racist while the crowd cheers for the black man behind the mic.

Allen West spoke about racism in his keynote address at CPAC.

It’s brought up because of the left’s continuous unfounded and ridiculous allegations of racism, not because of racism built into conservative policies.

At its core, politics is a projection of our collective fantasies and wishes.

Um, what?

Politics is a set of beliefs based on your individual understanding of the role of government and the people.  I don’t fantasize about the Fair Tax.  I believe that looting my paycheck before I even get it is immoral, therefore, I support a plan that abolishes that and gives me all my property.

The left’s ideology is clearly based in fantasy.  That’s the only explanation why they continue to believe that true socialism has never been tried and if they can just implement it in America, it will work.

What are our hopes, dreams, wants, and desires for our community?

The right’s?  Freedom.

The left’s?  Socialist utopia.

How are they embodied by those individuals whom we choose to elect into office and whose causes that we champion?

This is the first time this is considered regarding Herman Cain.  Until this question is asked, the focus has been on Cain’s skin color, DeVega’s opinion of Cain as a race traitor and the characterization of Cain as a “monkey in a window.”

However, the right has looked past his skin and sees what Cain stands for, and they like what they see.

16 Feb 2011

Obama Reminds Americans That He’s Black…Or Something

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Yesterday, the progressive website Alternet published an article that was critical of Herman Cain’s choice of entrance music for his speech at CPAC.  Leftist author “Chauncey DeVega,” a writer whose one theme is race, wrote:

Instead, Herman Cain’s shtick is a version of race minstrelsy where he performs “authentic negritude” as wish fulfillment for White Conservative fantasies. Like the fountain at Lourdes, Cain in his designated role as black Conservative mascot, absolves the White racial reactionaries at CPAC of their sins. This is a refined performance that Black Conservatives have perfected over many decades and centuries of practice.

Let’s consider the routine. First, Cain enters the stage to Motown music.

In DeVega’s world, the fact that Cain chose Motown music as his entrance music is important because it reminds white racial reactionary people of black people.  And Herman’s black.

Because, without the Motown, we probably wouldn’t have noticed.

And so somehow, that makes him not a principled conservative, but a “monkey in a window.”


President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will mark Black History Month at the White House with a celebration of Motown music.

Using the logic of Alternet, it’s clear that Obama is trying to impress the white folks in the White House, and across America, and remind them that he’s black.

I’m just saying.  It’s Motown.  That apparently means something.

Of course, Obama could just like Motown music and want to take the opportunity to celebrate it, and DeVega’s whole article could be about using racism to tear down a black man who doesn’t support the leftist collective.

15 Feb 2011

Despicable: AlterNet Declares Herman Cain a Race Traitor, Monkey

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I have heard Herman Cain speak on mulitple occasions now, and every time it gets better.   One thing he has repeated, however, is the idea that when liberals try to answer a question, they are guilty of S.I.N.

Tim Gray explains what Cain means:

“S” stands for “Shifting the blame.” When a conservative points out something that the Obama Administration does is wrong, or what Congress did is wrong, a liberal is quick to shift the blame. “If it weren’t for the mess that Bush left us….”

“I” stands for “Ignoring the facts.” That’s the next step in a liberal’s argument. The liberals say that Bush raised the National Debt by $3.2 trillion, but there were two wars being fought and this increase happened over the course of 8 years. Obama will have raised the National Debt by 1.2 Trillion on the healthcare bill alone. He’s only been in office less than a year!

“N” stands for “Name calling.” Finally, when liberals see that they’re getting nowhere with their conservative friends, they resort to name calling. Fear-mongerer, war-mongerer, greedy-capitalists…..

This is what I thought about when I read this article from AlterNet, a progressive website that attempts to pass as credible news.

In the article on Herman Cain’s speech, the author, who is also black, wholly ignores the premise of the speech, aka the facts, and goes into how Cain delivered the speech:

Herman Cain’s shtick is a version of race minstrelsy where he performs “authentic negritude” as wish fulfillment for White Conservative fantasies. Like the fountain at Lourdes, Cain in his designated role as black Conservative mascot, absolves the White racial reactionaries at CPAC of their sins. This is a refined performance that Black Conservatives have perfected over many decades and centuries of practice.

According the most enlightened author, Cain did everything he could to remind the crowd he was black, but at the same time, espoused all their beliefs.  And because they were all “White racial reactionaries,” they cheered.

It wasn’t about the fact that Herman Cain is a principled conservative.  No, we were all just trying to baptize ourselves in the aura of a black conservative so we can feel less awful about hating his skin so much.

Or something like that.


Not so much.  To illustrate the ignorance of the author, I offer this:

Let’s consider the routine. First, Cain enters the stage to Motown music. Then Cain feigns swimming after rolling up his sleeves to show them his black skin and how he is a hardworking negro (not like those other ones).

It isn’t possible that Cain actually like Motown music.  Nope, it was for the white folks, so they could remember he’s black.

Occam’s razor? What’s that?

And Cain did indeed roll up his sleeves.  Briefly.

But not to show his skin.  We could see the skin on his face.  We knew he was black already.  And he didn’t roll up his sleeves as much as he pushed them up to show he had nothing up them.

It’s kind of his thing:

But facts to a liberal are like Krytonite to Superman (a saying I first heard from Larry Elder, another black conserva-tarian, or, as he is known on the left, race traitor,) which is why rather than deal with them, the author ignores them and creates his own.

Clearly the author knows nothing about CPAC or Herman Cain, but rather has his own set of prejudices about white people and black conservatives.

However, as per Cain’s S.I.N. acronym, there was more to come from the unknown scribe.


We always need a monkey in the window, for he/she reminds us of our humanity while simultaneously reinforcing a sense of our own superiority. Sadly, there are always folks who are willing to play that role because it pays so well.

Cain has called for the article to be taken down. In one of those rare instances, I disagree with him.  I want them to keep it up.

I want to be able to send this link to everyone I know, just like I can send a link to show Hillary Clinton minimizing Mahatma Gandhi to the stereotypical role of a cashier jockey at a 7-Eleven, and showing how the audience full of liberals just laughs.

Or show Democrat Chris Dodd praising former KKK recruiter Sen Robert Byrd and claiming he would have been a good Senator anytime during America’s history:

“He would have been right at the founding of this country. He would have been in the leadership crafting this Constitution. He would have been right during the great conflict of Civil War in this nation.”

Leave the article up.  Sooner or later it can be used to wake someone up to the left’s unnoticed history of racism.

But shame on those who would use race to divide America into groups.  If anything can be seen from this article, it’s how the right is inclusive based on beliefs, not skin, and how the left will tear down a man using the color of his skin and America’s history of racial tension.

In the eyes of the author, Cain is nothing more than a race traitor.  In the eyes of conservatives, he is one of us.

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